In the spaces of Superstudio Più in Milan, mogu presents MYCELECHO | Resonating with Fungi, an interactive sound installation where the visitor is invited to reconnect with Nature through a sensorial, explorative and narrative experience among mycelium materials.

Free entry after registration

Mogu has created a protected refuge in which to immerse oneself in Nature and its musical expression to establish a positive and intimate relationship.

The structure is entirely covered with panels made of mycelium and recycled textile waste and Mogu invites visitors to interact and play with their surface in order to reproduce the natural sounds of mushrooms that go beyond the audible spectrum of the human ear.

A true lifeblood in the form of a sound experience, making present and perceptible what one might otherwise only imagine.

Visit us and discover the sound of Mycelium.


Milano Design Week

18th – 23rd april

Superstudio Più – Via Tortona, 27 Milan

Wonder Matter(s) by Materially

Thanks to Luca Giovagnoli and 42stems collective for the sound design.