We Partner with Mycelium to Grow Alternative Futures

SQIM has developed unique proprietary processes for creating a variety of mycelium-based solutions, currently addressing through its verticals/brands the Fashion market as well as the Interior Design & Architecture market – respectively EPHEA and MOGU.

SQIM has been created and structured as a technology holding, serving its two verticals, MOGU and EPHEA. This, in order to further widen the multiple opportunities emerging from R&D activities, therefore expanding on the true potential of mycelium-based technologies in concretely impacting additional fields and markets-150.

SQIM’s mission is to shorten the gap between Humans and Nature, by delivering innovative materials and products with high added value, as achieved thanks to the functionalisation of Nature-based technologies and processes, at industrial scale. The vision of SQIM is to be leader in providing unprecedented game-changing technologies and opportunities for different industries, thereby creating a real positive impact in people’s life.