Mogu Acoustic Colour Palette



After a long period of research and study, we are pleased to present the new Acoustic Colour Palette! We are used to seeing naturally white mycelium panels, in fact this is the only colour that mycelium naturally takes as it grows.

White is the colour that has always characterised our products - and we still love its elegance - yet we have decided to surprise you by expanding the world of Mogu products with a fantastic colour palette to customise your project.

Naturally white, coloured by choice

As always, we had Nature lead us in the choice of colours and shades composing our Acoustic palette.

We have looked at the beautiful tones of water, forests, earth and sand to design an unique colour palette. Blue, green, earth tones and warm/cold neutrals with subtle variations, calm and desaturated hues.

Our Acoustic palette includes five colour scales, each made of four different shades designed to support a perfect mix and match.

Fields 3d acoustic panels

Responsible Colours

It goes without saying, sustainability will always be our priority, even in the choice of paints we use. We have chosen our decorative paint after a careful screening of the most sustainable, yet performing coating commercially available.

The colorful finishing used for Mogu Acoustic palette fully covers our mycelium materials with only 50 g/sqm (dry weight), it is elastic (thus not acoustically blocking), and it offers a pleasant soft touch!

Our paint is a water-based, heavy-metal free bicomponent dispersion with low VOC, designed with a very low gloss to ensure a matte aesthetics and a soft touch experience.



About Acoustic Performance

Mogu Acoustic panels target the reduction of reverberation time, to maximize acoustic comfort. The best acoustic performance is provided by natural, untreated mycelium panels, which achieve an astonishing NRC of 0.6.

The finishing treatment only affects the acoustic performance by 0.1-0.2 points - a minor comprimes to maximize the product durability and design possibilities in interior spaces!


About Biodegradability & Paint

Biodegradability tests to understand the effect of coating on mycelium materials are currently carried out by independent laboratories. The coating is not expected to affect biodegradability of our panels - particularly, we are monitoring the type of substances released during biodegradation by the coating. For more information, feel free to contact us at


How to order

Mogu Acoustic are now available for orders. Please contact us for more information.

Wave 3d acoustic panels

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