Mogu Acoustic

Mogu Acoustic collection marks an unprecedented revolution for interior design comfort. Mogu Acoustic modules are made from soft, foam-like mycelium materials and of upcycled textile residues. Thanks to the unique technology, Mogu Acoustic panels represent today the most sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort. They are characterised by a unique velvety finishing and a 3D shape, to maximise sound absorption.

The Mogu Acoustic collection includes several models, each combining functionality with the organic beauty of Nature and allowing for the most diverse configurations. 






Technical specs

Acoustic Comfort in the frequencies of speech

fire rating

moisture proof

VOC free

100% circular

easy to fix

Feel free to shout

Home is where your true Nature is. Perhaps your morning routine involves heavy metal - or you just love your loud neighbours. Do you? Mogu panels feature excellent performances in absorbing the frequencies of speech, maximising the acoustic comfort and the privacy of our homes.

Easy to fix

Mogu Acoustic modular panels are provided with their own easy-to-mount and screw-less fixing system.

Check our instruction manual for discovering the different alternatives and for choosing the one that best fits your desires.

A sound office

Relaxing at home or busy at work, comfort is always paramount. Our modular panels are a perfect solution for office environments, elegantly fitting your professional landscape with a beautiful, responsible and emotionally engaging functionality.

Naturally white, coloured by choice

After a long period of research and study, we are pleased to present the new Acoustic Colour Palette! We are used to seeing naturally white mycelium panels, in fact this is the only colour that mycelium naturally takes as it grows.

White is the colour that has always characterised our products - and we still love its elegance - yet we have decided to surprise you by expanding the world of Mogu products with a fantastic colour palette to customise your project.

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