Resilient Floors

Mogu Floor products offer exceptional perfomances, not only from environmental perspective - get ready to be impressed!

Floor Tiles

Mogu Floor Tiles are designed to support the needs of everyday life in every environment, from residential to commercial spaces.
Thanks to its 94,7% biobased content, and the bio-polyurethane coating that constitutes the top layer, Mogu Floor Tiles are able to resist heels, scratches, abrasions just like any conventional floor.

Floor Flex

Mogu Floor FLEX is a collection of resilient flexible floors 67% biobased that come in roll form. They are destined to large and high-traffic areas, such as offices, buildings and hospitality.  Thanks to its flexibile design and its low thickness (1.5 or 2.5 mm), Mogu FLEX can be applied even on curved surfaces and as furniture covering.


Mogu Floors products are certified by recognised independent laboratories, complying to the standards of EU legislations.

Both Mogu Floor Tiles and Mogu Floor Flex, thanks to the biobased resin constituting the product, are certified for fire retardancy. They burn very slowly, and, thanks to their class C-s1, can be applied in every public space.

Our Floor products are awarded the prestigious Blue Angel green certification, thanks to their 87% biobased formulation. Moreover, they have been tested for VOC Emissions. As tests show, our products neutrally contribute to indoor air quality, with very low VOC emissions. We manufacture our Floor products with the most stringent manufacturing processes - for this, we even obtained a ISO 9001:2015 certification.

fire rating

moisture proof

VOC Free

100% circular

easy to install

Blue Angel Certification

Discover Mogu Sample Box

Get in touch with the unique technical and sensorial properties of Mogu’s mycelium-based products, make them yours and explore them through all your senses. Ranging from foam-like, soft textures to compact, resilient surfaces, to the emotional colours, Mogu Sample Box will surprise you with the incredible opportunities that arise when employing mycelium for the transformation of residues and the creation of new value, resulting in innovative, technically feasible and honest solutions.