Foresta System

The Foresta Acoustic System is born from the intention of bringing Nature back into the everyday’s spaces we inhabit.

Inspired by the unique sensation of walking through the woods, the system combines Nature’s materiality with the radical innovation deriving from mycelium-based technologies.


mycelium acoustic wall panels
mycelium acoustic wall panels

Back to Roots

The Foresta System is the world’s first acoustic system combining the refined aesthetics of wood with the innovative character of mycelium materials. The wooden components of Foresta are manufactured by means of the latest technologies in wood processing, such as product parametric modeling, robotized production lines and advanced manufacturing.



Foresta System is the winner of the German Design Award 2022 in the Excellent Product Design – Eco Design category.


Easy to fix

The Acoustic System is based on a refined combination of mycelium panels, wood branches and nodes. The timber frame supporting the panels is designed to be mechanically fixed to the wall, drilling as few holes as possible. With magnets integrated in each node, the acoustic panels can be easily mounted onto the branches, allowing for maximum design flexibility and any future change of layout.

Check our instruction manual for inspiration and more details on Foresta System installation.

mycelium acoustic wall panels

Modular Design

The Foresta System design valorises the infinite possibilities given by digital fabrication and parametric modelling, while minimizing the number of components and achieving a simple, yet flexible system that allows multiple configurations. Get inspired by the world of Foresta and start creating your own composition!

Naturally white, coloured by choice

The mycelium is naturally white, but you can choose from a wide palette colours.

We have looked at the beautiful tones of water, forests, earth and sand to design an unique colour palette. Blue, green, earth tones and warm/cold neutrals with subtle variations, calm and desaturated hues.

Order samples to experience our finishings.

Foresta 3d acoustic panels


Foresta Panel: 455x398 mm, height 63 mm

Branches: 515 / 1000 / 1510 / 2010 mm


About Acoustic Performance

Thanks to its unique and highly responsible technology embedded in the product, the Foresta System represents today the most innovative and truly sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort. It achieves its best performance in the speech frequencies (500 hz).

The biodegradable panels provide a sustainable acoustic solution for collaborative work spaces and hospitality venues. It can be also provided with a felt backing to maximize acoustic performance.


Foresta 3d acoustic panels
mycelium acoustic wall panels
mycelium acoustic wall panels
mycelium acoustic wall panels

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