Is mycelium technology safe for humans and for the environment?

Mogu only employs selected fungal strains that are totally safe for humans and for the environment. Our technology does not produce any spores throughout the whole production process; hence we safeguard the health of our operators as well as preventing any potential risk for the users.


Can mycelium materials cause allergic reactions?

No. Besides being harmless to humans and spore-less, we have tested our materials for skin contact and they cannot cause any allergic reactions.


Are Mogu products durable?

Yes! Thanks to our selected protocols, and their unique finishing process, we have engineered durable products from mycelium. Our materials will biodegrade only if the correct industrial conditions are provided, once disposed at the end of their life cycle.


Are Mogu Acoustic panels fire proof?

Our acoustic panels are certified for a striking B-s1-d0 fire rating, thanks to an exclusive and eco-friendly fire retardant finishing. The finishing is non-bromurated, non-halogen, antimony and heavy-metal free. We are also happy to provide Mogu Acoustic panels in their natural, non-coated aesthetics, achieving a D-s1-d0 class.


How do I install Mogu Acoustic panels?

Mogu Acoustics modular panels are provided with their own easy-to-mount and screw-less fixing system. Alternatively, in case you’d prefer mounting them by using a traditional commercial glue, Mogu recommends Pattex ‘No More Nails’ or Silacoll 100 (for fire-proof applications). Check our installation guide for discovering the different alternatives and for choosing the one the best fits your desires! You can also contact us at support@mogu.bio


Do you provide glue or screws?

We only supply our exclusively designed fixing system, based on magnets. Suggestions on the correct type of glue or screws are provided in our Installation Manual. Please feel free to contact us at support@mogu.bio to learn more or ask specific questions about your project!


Can I buy Mogu Acoustic panels in other colors?

Mogu Acoustics are made of foam-like mycelium materials, produced in its beautifully natural white color, with small captivating tone variations, making the aesthetic of each single piece rather unique. Traditional paints and varnishes would compromise the biodegradability and overall circularity of the product, as well as its technical properties. Our research will soon allow us to also introduce an exciting range of naturally coloured products. If you have questions, please get in touch with us at support@mogu.bio


Can I paint Mogu Acoustic panels?

We do not suggest doing so, but yes, you can apply spray paint on Mogu products. Water-based paints are preferred, however please note that mycelium materials are highly hydrophobic, so you might need a higher amount than the one recommend by the supplier. Please also note that paints and varnishes can affect the acoustic absorption properties of the material.


How can I clean Mogu Acoustic products?

Mogu products are naturally antistatic; hence they will accumulate little dust over time. You can clean them with a sweeper or with gentle spray of compressed air. Please avoid to use any moist or wet material on the products. You can consult our Care & Maintenance manual to learn more here.


Can I cut Mogu Acoustic panels?

We do not suggest doing so, but in case you seek a complete tiling on the wall, you can cut Mogu Acoustics products with a standard circular saw.


Are there recycled materials in Mogu products?

Yes! We are committed to run our production processes starting from low-value materials, which cannot find any other valuable application in industry. An example of organic residues we use is cotton. We recycle the short and dusty fibers of cotton, which cannot be used in upholstery or yarn production.


Can Mogu products be used in BREEAM or LEED projects?

Yes! By choosing Mogu products, your project will earn high ‘scores’ in different areas of evaluation, such as substances, emission measurements (VOC) and responsible purchase. Please note that products cannot be certified for BREEAM or LEED, as this is a certification for architecture and construction projects.

How do I install Mogu Acoustic panels on the ceiling?

You can request the ceiling fixing system designed for our Mogu Acoustics collection. Please note that our acoustic products are currently designed for wall application only. Please feel free to contact us at support@mogu.bio for more information.


Can I become a reseller of Mogu products?

We are always looking forward to expand our distribution network, locally and internationally. Please feel free to contact us at sales@mogu.bio indicating your company contacts and why you think your brand would be a good match with our vision of interior design. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


How can I maintain Mogu Acoustic panels correctly?

Mogu Acoustic products require limited maintenance. Please consult our Care & Maintenance manual to learn more here.


Are Mogu products 100% plastic free?

Yes! Believe it or not, our products are the result of Nature’s own magic. We do not use any other additives and employ only low-value residues in our production process, putting effort in producing high value products with the lower environmental impact possible.


How many acoustic panels do I need to achieve comfort?

Every space has specific needs in terms of acoustic comfort. The amount of Mogu Acoustic panels needed depends on several aspects, such as finishing materials used, ceiling height, and so on, which influence the reverberation time. You can ask an acoustics expert who can visit and make precise calculations. Mogu can offer advice thanks to its partnership with acoustic design experts. Please contact support@mogu.bio to learn more.


What is acoustic comfort?

Acoustic comfort is provided by a building or a house with minimal intruding noise from outside and with correct reverberation time in the interiors. Research has shown that acoustically comfortable spaces enhance productivity, happiness and general health of occupants.


Are Mogu products sound isolating?

No! Soundproofing and sound absorption mechanisms are different. Soundproofing is used to block an unwanted sound from either entering or leaving a space. In this way, the sound made inside the room stays in the room, while the noise from the outside is drastically reduced within the room. Sound absorption, on the contrary, means that a fraction of the sound wave is absorbed by the panel, reducing the unwanted noise, such as echo, within a space.


Can I design a custom-made Acoustic panel?

As a general rule, we do not produce custom-made designs. In some special cases, however, it might be possible to support you with your project, especially in case of large size orders. Moreover, if you are an architect or a designer with a striking product idea which you think might suit our product portfolio, please feel free to submit it at support@mogu.bio.


Can Mogu products be used outdoor?

No. Our Acoustic products are designed for interior design only.


Can I install Mogu products in kitchens and wet rooms?

Although Mogu products are moisture resistant and naturally hydrophobic, we advise against installation in environments with high level of moisture. This might affect the durability of the product.


Can I receive samples of Mogu products and materials?

Yes, we would be glad to supply with a sample kit of Mogu products and materials. You can request more information for purchasing the sample box at sales@mogu.bio.