Enjoy the silence

Mogu Acoustic products offer exceptional perfomances, not only from environmental perspective - get ready to be impressed!

Acoustic comfort

Mogu Acoustic products feature excellent performances in absorbing the frequencies of speech.

They are designed to maximize the acoustic comfort in noisy spaces such as restaurants, offices and retails with high reverberation time.


Mogu products are certified by recognised independent laboratories, complying to the standards of EU legislations.

Their acoustic performance is complemented with an exceptional fire rating (B-s2-d0), which makes Mogu Acoustic suitable for all typologies of public environments.

Mogu products are certified as safe, durable and positively contributing to indoor air quality. Our materials have been tested for allergenic and VOC Emissions. The results show that Mogu Acoustic products are safer than wood and many other industrial materials populating our everyday living environments.

fire rating

moisture proof

VOC free

100% circular

easy to fix

dimensionally stable

Easy to fix

Mogu Acoustic modular panels are provided with their own easy-to-mount and screw-less fixing system.

Check our instruction manual for discovering the different alternatives and for choosing the one that best fits your desires!

Foresta System

455x398 mm, height 65 mm



560x505 mm, height 25-75 mm



500x500 mm, height 35-75 mm


760x535 mm, height 45 mm


Plain 50:
500x500 mm, height 40 mm

Plain 60:
600x600 mm, height 40 mm

Plain 6040:
400x600 mm, height 40 mm

Questions? We got them sorted.

Can I buy Mogu Acoustic panels in other colors?

Mogu Acoustics are made of foam-like mycelium materials, produced in its beautifully natural white color, with small captivating tone variations, making the aesthetic of each single piece rather unique. Traditional paints and varnishes would compromise the biodegradability and overall circularity of the product, as well as its technical properties. Our research will soon allow us to also introduce an exciting range of naturally coloured products. If you have questions, please get in touch with us at support@mogu.bio

Can I become a reseller of Mogu products?

We are always looking forward to expand our distribution network, locally and internationally. Please feel free to contact us at sales@mogu.bio indicating your company contacts and why you think your brand would be a good match with our vision of interior design. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Discover Mogu Sample Box

Get in touch with the unique technical and sensorial properties of Mogu’s mycelium-based products, make them yours and explore them through all your senses. Ranging from foam-like, soft textures to compact, resilient surfaces, to the emotional colours, Mogu Sample Box will surprise you with the incredible opportunities that arise when employing mycelium for the transformation of residues and the creation of new value, resulting in innovative, technically feasible and honest solutions.