Mogu cutting-edge technology is based on mycelium, the vegetative stage of mushrooms. Over the years, we have identified effective protocols to monitor the growth of these amazing organisms - and in line with that, we have learned to engineer the properties of the resulting materials.

We produce materials by growing selected strains of mycelium on pre-engineered substrates made of agro-industrial residues.

By tuning the matrix configuration, we harvest different materials within short timeframes and with limited use of resources.

Fungal mycelium acts as a reinforcement to the matrix structure, creating a 100% plastic-free and coherent material composite. At the end of the production process, mycelium materials are inertized by slow drying, for reduced energy consumption. The resulting products are completely stable, safe and durable - and biodegradable too!

From waste to value

The impact of our industrial production systems becomes evident when looking at the tons of waste generated daily by human activities, from manufacturing, to agriculture and beyond.

Mogu is committed to run its production processes starting from low-value materials, which cannot find any other valuable application in the industry. By feeding on the organic matter, and thanks to Mogu’s design and engineering skills, the mycelium converts the low-value input matter into a product with high added value, characterised by unique aesthetics.


Safe and sound

Mogu has developed its technology lead by an inner respect and appreciation for the rhythms of the larger ecosystem, only employing micro-organisms that are totally harmless to humans and to the environment. We employ non-GMO, non-allergenic fungal strains, which do not release any spores throughout the whole production process.

Our materials have been tested for allergenic and VOC Emissions. They are safer than wood and many other industrial materials populating our everyday indoor environments.