Mogu was founded on the belief that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, seeking a finer balance between the man-made and the rhythms of the natural ecosystem.

Over the years, Mogu explored the potential of mycelium-based technologies in diverse application sectors. Through selected protocols, we developed a range of materials with different performances, from soft and foam-like to strong and high-density.

Inspired by the materials’ aesthetic potential, Mogu offers today the first commercial mycelium-based products on the market, suitable for interior design applications.

Closer to Nature

Our intent is to bring Nature closer to people, meeting the needs of everyday life, both functionally and aesthetically.

A vision of interior design that embraces Nature’s radical character, to establish a more honest relationship with the surrounding environment.

This vision is embedded in the products designed by Mogu, crafted with the lowest environmental impact possible, to offer radically innovative experiences.

Circular Process

Today, our relationship with the ecosystem is more than ever compromised, due to human activity and particularly to the irresponsible manufacturing processes we constantly run.

At Mogu, we thrive to employ only residues as raw input materials, setting new value for unexploited resources through the skillful action of fungal mycelium.

We offer functional, beautiful and meaningful products with a durable and sustainable life cycle. We are committed to do this by industrial processes  that have the lowest environmental impact possible.

A mind for innovation

Mogu carries on complex and iterative R&D projects, allowing to keep on exploring radically innovative solutions based on mycelium and beyond. We thrive to establish meaningful connections with other industries, through research funding or by engaging in co-development projects. If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Partners & collaborations

We collaborate with a vast range of public and private stakeholders. Explore a selection of our ongoing collaborative endeavours, here below.