Promoted by Materially in collaboration with TotalTool, Vivarium explores the theme of bio-based materials, posing them as fundamental ingredients for the experimentation and evolution of Design for the new generations.

The event represents the heart of a journey that goes beyond the days of the Salone del Mobile: a journey of exploration into the bio-based materials narrated and imagined as key ingredients for the discovery and growth of more sustainable solutions.

The exhibition, designed by Giulio Ceppi, will mainly display materials, but also prototypes and products undergoing experimentation.

The set-up recalls old apothecary cabinets: precious displays made by Viganò di Cantù, a centenary company rooted in craftsmanship.
Within the cabinets, a selection of bio-based materials is divided into four macrofamilies: Algae and Plants; Insects and Crustaceans; Fungi and Bacteria; Leaving Materials.

The exhibition will also feature talks that will involve educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers and mogu as well!

Stay tuned to know more about it!

Talks will be dedicated both to the public present at Brera and to those who will follow them via streaming.


Milano Design Week

18th – 23rd April

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Via Brera, 28 Milan