We’re excited to share with you that mogu will be part of the exhibition ITALY: a new collective landscape from April 4th to September 9th 2023 at the ADI DESIGN MUSEUM in Milan.

Among all the designers that are trying to redefine the role of design, you can find PLUMA wall panels on the ceiling of the cinema area.

The challenges faced by this global moment and the continuous ecological and social transformations constitute the starting point for the works of the young Italian designers presented in the exhibition.

Today, designers act with environmental responsibility and radical freedom, imagining how the transformations of external reality can have an impact on living, extending to urban and non-urban space, to social relations and symbiotic alliances, to new behaviors.
ADI Design Museum’s proposal is therefore an opportunity to represent that Italian creative context that is trying to redefine the role of design.

At the start, the exhibition presents a focus on the domestic dimension and the objects that construct it, and then continues with the confrontation between the different themes chosen, such as regenerative design, relational design and systemic design.

Organised by the ADI Design Museum, the exhibition is curated by Angela Rui with Elisabetta Donati de Conti and Matilde Losi, the graphic design by Alice Zani with Paola Bombelli and the installation by the Parasite 2.0 studio.

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