It was a pleasure for mogu to be able to explain and educate students about the fantastic world of fungi with Rigenerazioni, Tones on the Stone’s brand new project dedicated to environmental education and the development of creativity applied to the values of the circular economy.

Tones on the Stones is a new space, created in the heart of the Ossola (Piemonte, Italy) following the redevelopment of a disused cave, dedicated to live entertainment live performance, environmental education, creativity and care for people through the valorization of the binomials culture-nature and man-nature.

Education and training of the youngest are fundamental transformation tools for a more sustainable future.

During the one-hour class held by our composite developer & industrial mycologist, Marco Cartabia, it was not only presented mogu but all the fungi kingdom. Science, interest and curiosity gave the children the opportunity to explore new topics and new fungi uses.

This was possible thanks to a classroom that was already well educated about the fantastic world of fungi that allowed us to explore more in depth interesting aspects starting from mycelium going through our production processes and finishing with explaining circular economy and sustainability.

Tones on the Stone – Teatro Natura