We are very glad to announce that Mogu products will be exhibited in the context of the NEUES MUSEUM in Nürnberg, as part of Material+ exhibition, from April 21st to September 3rd 2023.

The Material+ design exhibition asks about new materials and how we can produce and use them in a sustainable way through research, applications and speculative projects.

Divided into three areas, the exhibition features a selection of design objects that explore the use of new materials, examining different aspects of the material life cycle, from resource extraction and processing to application, reuse or return to the environment.

The exhibition demonstrates that sustainable design is not limited to the choice of new materials, but also considers the entire life cycle of materials.

Within the wonderful setting of the Neus Museum, was created a PLUMA panel composition, a collection of 100% circular, slim wall covering panels, with sound absorbing properties. A revolutionary new collection of totally eco-friendly panels, which combines astonishing mycelium technologies with human ingeniousness and engineering.

If you want to know more about the exhibition and the museum click below: