Mogu @Lineapelle Innovation Square 2019

MOGU AGENDA // We have a story to tell you: come, listen, be inspired, think.

Visit us @Lineapelle Innovation Square in Milano 2-4 Oct 2019 and discover our vision on mycelium-based materials & Nature’s radical character.

Lineapelle is the global leading trade show for fashion and luxury materials and components. Innovation Square is where the most up to date consumer demands and market trends are linked to latest evolutions of technology, with examples of particularly relevant and advanced researches and innovations. Here you will find MOGU mycelium-based products inspired by the materials aesthetic potential.

Don’t forget to join us on day two / 3rd oct @2.30 PM in “Generation Bio” section & listen to Mogu Co-founder Maurizio Montalti talk.

Read about our – radical by nature – products:

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