MOGU celebrates Micropia 5th anniversary

Happy to celebrate ARTIS-Micropia 5th anniversary on 30 September. On the weekend of 28 and 29 September MOGU will take part to “the best of Micropia” presenting new views of fungi and their design applications.

Micropia is the first microbial museum in the world and after 5 years it is still the only museum where the invisible is made visible. Micropia hosts “ A fungal future” permanent exhibition where you can discover MOGU – Biofabricated Materials & Products – from Fungal Mycelium.

We invite you to come and learn with designer Maurizio Montalti how the mycelium (the network of long branching filaments called hyphae) spread itself via organic nutrients and acts as all-natural glue with other materials, becoming a sustainable alternative to polluting materials.

Curious to see the possibilities of mycelium with your own eyes?

Discover the event here

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