We are pleased to inform you that Mogu products will be featured at Dutch Design Week 2020 (DDW 2020) as part of ‘The Exploded View’ exhibition, developed and curated by Company New Heroes and The Embassy Of Circular & Biobased Building.

About ‘The Exploded View’

The Exploded View is a ‘live research’ and ‘storytelling’ installation. It is a model (scale 1: 4) of a detached house in which various biobased materials and circular methods are displayed side by side, offering the opportunity to present the latest insights, promising methodologies and most interesting materials that might contribute to positively impact the building industry in the coming years. Furthermore, the project aims to inspire designers, architects, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers to actively collaborate, so that decisive acceleration can occur in the transition to a fully circular and biobased economy.

Ranging from visionary, early stage concepts to commercially available products (and all the in-betweens), the ‘The Exploded View’ project will seek answering multiple questions, such as: what are the qualities of biobased materials in relation to health? What options do circular methodologies offer for existing and novel construction projects? What impact will future housing have on modularity? How can smart design contribute to better detachability and reuse of materials? Which are the business models that make this new way of building and living possible? Find out more about the project here!

Together with the organisation, we invite you to think along and participate in DDW2020 through the many scheduled online meetings, the articles, the podcasts and the videos, that will allow you to explore different findings and to critically reflect on future possibilities and implications emerging in the biobased and circular sectors.

Please, note that due to Covid-related restrictions, DDW20 will take place exclusively on digital channels, running from October 17 until October 25, 2020.

Don’t miss this exciting yearly event – make sure to visit this intriguing research project and installation on The Exploded View website, the World Design Embassies webspace or on the DDW 2020 digital platform!