Is it possible to identify industrial applications using Nature as a production platform?

#FutureFarming is a new domain on the edge between disciplines – life sciences, chemistry, engineering, computer science, and design which aims to doing so, hence shifting from an exploitative approach to a “generative” one consistent with the direction of the #SDGs.

The second day of SIF 2022 – VeniSIA days will open at 9AM with a panel on this “new industrial revolution inspired by Nature” featuring:

Daniele Modesto, CEO of ZERO Vertical Farms
– Stefano Babbini, CEO & Co-Founder of SQIM;
– Simon Trancart, Co-Founder & CEO of ALTAR;
– Christina Nesheva, Founder & CEO of Officinae Bio
– Frédéric Pâques, CEO of Standing Ovation.

Register for free to attend from Venice here:

Live streaming will be available on Youtube (no registration required):

8th September

9th September