After years of technological development as part of MOGU’s R&D unit, we’re excited to finally unravel EPHEA™ , a new materials’ family produced through fermentation-based proprietary processes.

EPHEA™ has been revealed for the first time yesterday at Paris Fashion Week, during @Balenciaga Winter 2022 runway show, where an exclusive floor-length coat realised with EPHEA™ has been presented.

Credit: Courtesy of Balenciaga

EPHEA™ is a class of alternative flexible materials which derive from the combination between unique biotechnological processes and advanced material science. EPHEA™ is truly responsible, functional, high quality, cruelty-free materials, for fashion and beyond.
Together with MOGU, EPHEA is now officially part of our technological holding – SQIM – a materials’ innovation company that employs biofabrication and green chemistry to create revolutionary materials and products.

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