Mogu presents its new collection of wall covering panels, Mogu PLUMA, a project that has the ambitious goal of taking interior design to another level.

Mogu PLUMA is a new collection of 100% circular, slim wall-covering panels, with sound-absorbing properties able to combine the astonishing nature technology with human ingeniousness and engineering.

Revolutionizing your wall has never been so easy thanks to their incredible thickness and our new technology which allows to create different textures and to experience the highest customization.

A pioneering product capable of providing an innovative and natural look to all interiors while enhancing the everyday life thanks to its unique aesthetics and acoustic performance.


Our revolutionary technology provides incredible new possibilities. The wide range of techniques developed allow the production of panels with different textures making PLUMA panels an elegant and sophisticated product that can aesthetically revolutionize environments, such as for instance offices and restaurants, among others.


The collaboration between nature and technology allows us to introduce to the major innovations that characterize PLUMA panels: textures and customization.

Mogu has developed five different textures inspired by the dynamic forms of nature. Innovative creations capable of adapting by harmoniously enhancing all types of surroundings.

The wide range of textures together with the possibility of creating any shape, from the simplest to the most complex, elevate our range of mycelium panels to a new level of customization that can follow the design and needs of any space.  

Thanks to the latest innovation implemented, the customization possibilities of PLUMA panels become endless. In fact, you can imprint your own texture on the mycelium and define the dimensions of the panels to obtain a completely customized and unique product.

Mogu PLUMA modules are made from soft, foam-like mycelium materials and of upcycled textile residues. Thanks to the unique mycelium technology, Mogu PLUMA, and all the Mogu panel collections, represent today the most sustainable solution dedicated to interior and acoustic comfort.

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