Last year, at Fuorisalone 2021, we collaborated with Studio Traccia for the Tabula [non] Rasa exhibition by providing our proprietary biocomposite, a 90% bio-based resin formulation, which was used to coat the entire table’s surface.

We’re happy to share with you that the installation was moved to the Sustainable Design (Material) Museum in Guangzhou, China for this year CMF Trend LAB which is part of the China International Furniture Fair.


The installation wants to connects design and food-waste, as an initial attempt to discuss a wider issue: the possibility of a Non-Extractive Architecture. Inside the TABULA[non]RASA design and food come together inviting researchers, designers and companies whose work is currently exploring new paths towards that direction.

The table is an object symbol of sharing, of aggregation and conversation, especially in Italy where food itself plays an extremely social function. A meeting point, where gathering with a brutal awareness though: personal responsibility cannot be ignored and strategies for the future cannot start from scratch. We must start from what exists, physically, always.

A TABULA [non] RASA therefore, which embodies the principle of a new paradigm, being made in all its parts from scraps and food waste.


The Museum of Sustainable Design (Materials) concentrates on the global environmental crisis, economic activity, loss of natural resources, damage to ecosystems and loss of biodiversity that Sustainable Design addresses, looking for continuous improvement through sharing knowledge, supporting the rights of humanity and nature, and acknowledging the interdependence of the world in health, diversity and sustainability. Sustainable Design practice seeks to address nature and people in contemporary civilisation – “those natural resources and working individuals that are taken for granted and eventually abandoned”.