Mogu, will be one of the stars at Tools For After, a prestigious exhibition promoted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Melbourne. Starting from September 14th, Italian creativity will come to life in the vibrant Australian city, and Mogu will be there representing Italian excellence.

14.9.2023 / 22.10.2023

Tools For After: A Call to Italian Creativity

The Tools For After exhibition is a unique platform that challenges Italian creativity to address critical questions involving the entire planet. Sectors such as design, architecture, science, and many more are explored to find innovative solutions. Italy is universally recognized for its style and originality in proposals, and Tools For After leverages this reputation to tackle global challenges.

Mogu: The Innovative Response

Mogu has distinguished itself by providing the exhibition with its revolutionary WAVE and KITE acoustic panels made from mycelium. These cutting-edge technologies result from production using mycelium, the root system of mushrooms, as raw material. This conscious choice allows Mogu to create visionary and sustainable solutions, redefining entire product categories.

Using mycelium as the base for acoustic panels is a testament to Mogu’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible innovation. These products offer excellent acoustic quality, stunning design, and a minimal ecological footprint.

decorative acoustic wall panels
Kite – Acoustic Wall panels
mycelium sound absorbing wall
Wave – Acoustic Wall Panels

Tools For After: A Globally Resonant Project

Tools For After is a culturally significant project, the recipient of a scholarship offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project is open to Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide, representing an extraordinary opportunity to promote Italian art, culture, and innovation on a global scale.

We are thrilled to be a part of Tools For After and to bring Italian innovation to Melbourne. We would like to thank the Italian Institute of Culture in Melbourne and everyone who made this incredible opportunity possible.

Join us in exploring a sustainable and creative future in Melbourne during Tools For After, starting October 14th. Mogu is ready to amaze you with its sostenable and innovative solutions. Stay tuned for further updates and insights on our participation in this extraordinary exhibition.