For the 2020 Dubai Expo Mogu collaborated with V8 Architects at the Dutch Biotope pavilion a 18-metre high “food cone” covered with edible plants irrigated with a technology that extracts water from the desert and has its own enclosed water, energy and food system, a true showcase of sustainability and circularity.

The Pavilion’s purposes are to provide a technology that gives a sustainable way of living, even in arid conditions, and ensure that all the building materials could be reused or returned to the earth making the installation as sustainable as possible. 

The pavilion combines inventions from different designers and technology companies including Mogu that provides 570 sqm of resilient floor with high-density, mycelium composite core, and an exclusively formulated bio-based covering and 1.300 Mogu Acoustic Panels, made from 100% bio-based, biodegradable materials created by fermenting selected mycelium on cotton residues deriving from the textile industry.


The Mogu FLOOR is a collection of bio-based resilient tiles for interior design and architecture. A perfect solution to support a fully circular approach within the building industry. The Mogu Floor tiles consist of a mycelium composite core, coated with a proprietary formulation of bio-based resins. The proprietary formulation of the bio-based resin used in Mogu Floor products is literally 90% bio-based, replacing traditional industrial pigments with low-value bio-masses, such as corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded seaweed and clam shells. The Floor is distributed in most of the pavilion’s spaces and covers the VIP lounge Area for 255 sqm, the office and prayer room with 219 sqm and for 96sqm on toilets, storage and service room’s floors. 


Mogu also provides Acoustic Panels, distributed over the entire Netherlands Pavilion’s surface divided into 700 Plain Acoustic Panels, 150 customized Acoustic Panels Ring and 450 Kite Acoustic Panels. The Mogu Acoustic collection marks an unprecedented revolution for interior design comfort. Indeed are the first commercially available products of their kind, entirely made of fungal mycelium and of upcycled textile residues. Thanks to the unique technology, Mogu Acoustic panels represent today the most sustainable solution dedicated to acoustic comfort. 

This collaboration is a great honor for Mogu and also a great responsibility. It allows us to present our unique innovations on a resonant international stage, while contributing to a globally beneficial impact spreading our urgent need to change vision, reduce our ecological footprint and show how we can use materials in other ways. 

V8 Architects also plans to leave the space as they found it at the end of the Expo, in March 2022, giving to all the materials a new purpose or even returned to earth.