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Can synthetic biology make our homes breathe?

Can fungi make sustainable tiles?

Building Together explores nature co-design as a new framework to think and manufacture sustainable materials for architecture and interior design.

Building Together explores new design frameworks to address the negative environmental and social impacts of building by utilizing design methods, materials, energy, and development spaces that are not detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem or communities. The philosophy is to ensure that the actions taken today do not have a negative consequence for future generations and comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

The conference brings together experts from different disciplines to address sustainability in manufacturing for architecture and interior design by sharing real-case applications that incorporate nature co-design principles into the design and manufacturing practices.

Meet the speakers

Maurizio Montalti
Founder&Director Officina Corpuscoli | Co-founder & Chairman Mogu Srl

Massimo Portincaso
Chairman of Hello Tommorow, Officinae Bio, Deepwave Ventures

Davide De Lucrezia
Co-founder & CEO of Explora Biotech – Doulix

Rachel Armstrong
Professor of Experimental Architecture at the School of Architecture at University of Newcastle | 2010 Senior TED Fellow

Enrico Vianello