ENG – We are very proud to announce that the Mogu Floor have entered in the ADI Design Index 2021 and it’s now short-listed for the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro Award. The ADI Design Observatory has selected our Mogu Floor for publication in the ADI Design Index 2021.

The ADI Design Index 2021 was presented on 27th October at the ADI Design Museum in Milan and the 2021 edition focuses on the themes of People, Planet, Prosperity; the three keywords adopted by the G20 Culture which met in Rome last July.

These three words take on a particular meaning for design: “People forces us to focus our view on the awareness of a broad vision of civilized, dignified and far-sighted coexistence” commented ADI president Luciano Galimberti. “Planet suggests reflecting on the transition to green economies, for a relationship between man and nature where man is an equal and not a priority factor. And, given that only a world freed from the anxieties of subsistence can afford to look at and create the best that life offers us, we believe that Prosperity translates into an invitation to encourage technological updating.”