Mogu and Arup Group have launched one of the world’s first mycelium acoustic panel systems, providing companies with a more sustainable option for reconfiguring their workspaces for the post-pandemic world.

As businesses prepare for employees to return to in-person working, the FORESTA system can help create high quality, creative working spaces. With many firms adopting a hybrid approach to working, splitting time between home and the workplace, office spaces need to be reconfigured to match the move to activity-based work, creating zones suited for creative co-working.

Many firms are considering their working arrangements for a post-pandemic world, adopting a hybrid approach split between home and the workplace. Office spaces need to be reconfigured to match the move to activity-based work, adapting areas for collaborative meetings as well as focused work.


The components of the prefab FORESTA system are made of fast-growing, completely renewable raw materials that can be reused or composted at the end of their life cycle, therefore helping businesses move away from the ‘take-make-waste’ system towards a circular economy model.

The FORESTA system has been designed to help businesses move to a circular economy, away from the “take-make-waste” system. The panels are made of acoustic modules consisting of the vegetative tissue of fungus cultivated using agricultural residues from the textile industry – supported by a framing of regional beech wood.

Designed for assembly and disassembly, the system’s wooden frame simplifies the installation and allows for easy configuration in every interior space. The modules can be adapted to meet a range of customer requirements in terms of geometry, texture and colour. Their natural surfaces offer an extraordinary haptic and textural quality suited to modern and sustainable working environments.

“We are proud to present the FORESTA system, stemming from a long-term research collaboration with Arup. The product takes another step forward our mission of bringing Nature back into everyday living environments – combining the radically different aesthetics of Mogu acoustic panels with the warmth of a material, wood, that accompanies mankind from the start. It is a beautifully designed and rational system, which largely simplifies the installation of mycelium-based acoustic panels. Its modularity and design flexibility – with the extra added value of a variety of colours to choose from – make it an amazing product to support every interior design project, and particularly the design of future office spaces”  

Serena Camere – Head of Products Mogu