Mogu mycelium biofabricate

Visit us @Biofabricate #the summit London – on 5th december 2019. We have a story to tell you: listen to Mogu founder & managing director, Maurizio Montalti, talking about our mycelium-based products and biofabrication challanges

At Mogu we believe that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence to radically disrupt the design of everyday products.  

Design is at the core of everything we do; from designing processes to materials, systems to brands. We believe design is an invaluable tool for partnering with science, embedding consumer needs from the outset to develop better products for a more sustainable future.

#Innovation isn’t easy. Material innovation is particularly challenging. But when the tools and processes involve LIFE itself as our starting point, we need to understand that we’re operating in a whole new world of scientific and design endeavour.

 Excitingly, the hard work is beginning to pay off. We’re starting to see the first biofabricated materials come to market – discover Mogu Acoustic panels. Learn how we overcame challenges to pioneer the emergence of a new #materialrevolution.

As a constant presence along the years, Mogu is pleased to join once again an exceptional and international array of #biotech-driven #startups, #research institutes and consumer brands from #fashion, #footwear, #luxury, #design, #architecture and #construction.