Modus Consult

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Entandem Notaires

Entandem Notaires choose the kite Acoustic Panels for renovating their office. Our Kite Acoustic Collection can lend your offices elegance, seriousness and a touch of colour while ensuring all the privacy and silence you need thanks to their sound-proofing properties.

Valore + Immobiliare

Our Mogu Fields acoustic panels elegantly fit into your professional landscape with their emotionally engaging design and responsible functionality.

ARUP Frankfurt

Foresta, created in collaboration with @arupgroup, is the first acoustic system made from mycelium and waste materials. Take a look at its beautiful modular design inside the ARUP meeting room in Frankfurt, a key element able to stimulate the mind, creativity and, of course, create a comfortable environment for conversations, thanks to its acoustic properties.


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DAG Communication

A combination of our Foresta Acoustic System with our Wave Acoustic panels is what Dag communication choose for renovate their office. A sustainable choice that modernizes spaces while absorbing most of the speech coming from the meeting room and desks.