Shodo Dojo Zen Center

Inside the temple of Shodo Dojo Zen Center, a harmonious symphony of old and new elements testifies to the unwavering dedication of architect Geert Buelens and Woodz Design. From the foundation to the smallest details, their commitment to this philosophy is evident.
Our esteemed client, Woodz Design, dedicated 1000 hours of meticulous work over 6 months to bring this vision to fruition.

Envision the serene whispers as our PLUMA Mycelium Panels embrace the echoes of centuries-old oak beams. The weathered beauty of reclaimed antique oak floors intertwines with the graceful elegance of PLUMA Panels, epitomizing wabi-sabi—a celebration of imperfect perfection.

Shodo Dojo Zen Centre

Woodz Design by Zander & Tom

PLUMA Panels - Natural Texture

Glue Fixing

Helle - Belgium