Radical by nature.

Nature is the best architect of all. By employing one of its finest technologies, mycelium, Mogu develops responsible products for interior design comfort.

Our materials and products offer remarkable technical properties and radically innovative aesthetics. We aim to offer new experiences, inspiring a more conscious relationship with the value, processes and life cycle of materials surrounding us in everyday life. A vision of home, offices, retails and spaces that embrace the radical character of Nature, to build a more honest and ultimately virtuous relationship with the ecosystem we are part of.

Mogu Acoustics

A collection of decorative wall panels with remarkable sound absorption properties – did we already say they are extremely beautiful too?

Resilient floors

A novel flooring solution for interior design, strongly based on agroindustrial residues. A perfect solution to support a circular approach within the building market.

MOGU Floor is a collection of resilient tiles resulting from the combination of a mycelium composite core with 95% bio-based resin coating. They are designed as modular elements with distinctive and attractive aesthetics and tactile feelings, making it a highly suitable solution for luxury living environments.


Our cutting-edge technology is based on mycelium, the biopolymer constituting the vegetative stage of mushrooms, and the low-value residues coming from different industries. Over the past years, we have identified effective protocols to monitor the growth of these amazing organisms - and in line with that, we have learned to engineer the properties of the resulting materials.

Questions? We got them sorted.

Is mycelium technology safe for humans and for the environment?

Mogu only employs selected fungal strains that are totally safe for humans and for the environment. Our technology does not produce any spores throughout the whole production process; hence we safeguard the health of our operators as well as preventing any potential risk for the users.

Can mycelium materials cause allergic reactions?

No. Besides being harmless to humans and spore-less, we have tested our materials for skin contact and they cannot cause any allergic reactions.

How to order

Mogu Acoustics products are now available for order. See the complete information here (link). Mogu Floor products are available for pre-order, for delivery in 2020. Please contact us (link) for more information.