Wave Acoustic decorative panels

Mogu Acoustics


Mogu Acoustic Panles are the first commercially available products of their kind, entirely made of fungal mycelium and of upcycled textile residues.


Mogu Acoustic Panles are 100% circular products, without any synthetic material and an extremely virtuous manufacturing cycle.

They are designed to maximize the acoustic comfort in noisy spaces such as restaurants, offices and retails with high reverberation time.






mycelium sound absorbing wall

Soundproofing & Decorative

Mogu Acoustic collection marks an unprecedented revolution for interior design comfort. Mogu Acoustic and decorative modules are made from soft, foam-like mycelium materials and of upcycled textile residues.  Mogu acoustic modular panels are a perfect solution for office environments, fitting elegantly into your workplace in a responsible and emotionally engaging way.

Sustainability Innovation Performance Design

Mogu Acoustic solutions are certified by recognised independent laboratories, complying to the standards of EU legislations. Their acoustic performance is complemented with an exceptional fire rating (B-s1-d0), which makes Mogu Acoustic suitable for all typologies of public environments.

fire rating

moisture proof

VOC free

100% circular

easy to fix

The Mycelium

We employ a vast variety of nutrient-rich, low-value fibres from different industries (agro, textile, etc.) and we transform them through proprietary technologies based on fungal fermentation, as in a fully circular approach. The mycelium acts as reinforcement to the matrix structure, resulting in natural composite materials with excellent technical properties, for use in multiple fields and for multiple applications.⁠

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