Mogu is thrilled to announce the beginning of yet another exciting journey. On November 1st, 2020 the MY-FI project will officially kick off!

With the support of the European Commission and a total budget of €6,4 MLN, fourteen partners, led by Mogu, will cooperate to achieve the ambitious objectives of the MY-FI project.

The mission of the MY-FI project is to develop innovative mycelium-based fabrics with advanced functionalities, sustainability, and overall performance, for the benefit of multiple industries.


From textile and fashion, to automotive and luxury, through MY-FI we will employ mycelium to ferment and harness value from a wide array of industrial residues, thus developing advanced manufacturing processes, innovative sustainable materials, and functional products.

Hence, contributing to improve and benefit on a systemic level the whole textile value chain.

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…and of course keep following us, as we will soon unravel more information about the project, the partners, the objectives, the innovative methods… and a fully dedicated MY_FI project website!