In line with the overall activities and technological advancements conducted as part of Wear Sustain (EU development grant programme), a selection of Mogu Leather  materials and products will be on show during Ars Electronica Festival 2018, titled ERROR - The Art of Imperfection.

An error is a discrepancy from what we expect, a deviation from the norm … but what is the norm and who establishes it? An error doesn’t have to be a mistake; it can be an opportunity! This is exactly the way in which Mogu Leather materials have initially come to existence, surprising us with an opportunity to question the norm means of serendipitous failures.

MOGU Leather is a revolutionary line, comprising a range of materials and products exclusively consisting of fungal mycelium. MOGU Leather looks at a future where animals are not killed for human’s material desires. As opposed to traditional animal leather, MOGU Leather can be grown in rather short timeframes, with a limited amount of resources, and its production process is not wasteful. Some of the outstanding qualities of MOGU Leather include: strength, flexibility, breathability, water resistance, compostability, customisability and cost-competitiveness.

MOGU Leather is to be looked at as an alternative to traditional animal leather, though different as grown by fungi and by means of mycelium technology; a novel natural material with comparable experiential/tactile qualities to those of animal leather, promising to bring about a great material revolution, leading towards the establishment of a more ethically and environmentally responsible fashion industry.

Come and visit us at Ars Electronica 2018 - POSTCITY!


6-10 September, 2018

Bahnhofplatz 12
4020 - Linz (AT)