We are very glad to communicate that Mogu has finalised a highly important Exclusive Collaboration Agreement with Tsunami Axis & Future Elements.

Officially Tsunami Axis & Future Elements become exclusive distributors of all mogu’s products in Germany (except Bavaria) and Luxembourg.

We are proud to start this collaboration with a reliable and committed partner like Tsunami Axis & Future Elements. They will be at the disposal of all professionals in Germany and Luxemburg.

More contacts:



T: 0049 (0)69 915 08090
E: frankfurtsales@tsunami-axis.de

Tsunami Axis GmbH
Turmcenter Frankfurt
Eingang Querstraße 9
Eschersheimer Landstrasse 14
D – 60322 Frankfurt am Main


T: 00352 691 338 442
E: taluxembourg@tsunami-axis.lu

Bâtiment Cubus 3, 2nd Floor
4, rue Peternelchen
L-2370 Luxembourg-Howald