// CREATIVES IN BIOTECH // Join us today, May 5th, 2020 –  6 PM CEST – 12 PM EST, for a livestream chat between  Suzanne Lee, founder @Biofabricate and Maurizio Montalti – co-founder & Managing Partner @mogumycelium.

Click here for livestream. 

Together, we’ll be discussing the personal journey that brought to establish Mogu, while also reflecting upon the specific roles and responsibilities in the company, the challenges, the achievements gathered so far, & more…


We’re excited and grateful to be hosted as part of such an insightful initiative, kicking off the series of conversations with creatives working full-time in-house, at biotech-driven companies, in the US and in Europe.


Make sure to connect by visiting Biofabricate’s IG page and website at 6 PM CEST – 12 PM EST