Mogu @ArsElectronica2018 – Linz (AT) – exhibition

1 September 2018

In line with the overall activities and technological advancements conducted as part of Wear Sustain (EU development grant programme), a selection of Mogu Leather  materials and products will be on show during Ars Electronica Festival 2018, titled ERROR – The Art of Imperfection. An error is a discrepancy from what we expect, a deviation from … Read More

Mogu @Maison&Objet – Paris (FR) – exhibition

31 August 2018

Come and explore Mogu products and processes in Paris, at Maison&Objet 2018. An installation comprising a selection of raw materials transformed into Mogu Home tiles will be on show as part of the Trend Forum, curated by Nelli-Rodi trend office. The Trend Forum will be organised as a small village whose huts/houses will illustrate aspects related to the … Read More

VIRTUOUS @DuCoteDeChezVous (FR) – Article

20 August 2018

Thanks to DuCoteDeChezVous for the feature article titled “Virtuous, vers un design natural et vivant”, related to Maison&Objet, where Mogu exhibited its innovative materials and products. You can read the article here.

Lombardy Green Chemistry – press article

3 April 2018

Thanks to Lombardy Green Chemistry Association for the featured article about Mogu, as part of the latest newsletter: Mogu – A Natural Platform for Growing Biomaterials.You can read the full article here (Page 14 – Italian language).  

BUSTLE – Clothing Made Of Mushrooms Might Just Be The Future – press article

29 March 2018

Thanks to Bustle for a rather interesting and unusually comprehensive set of perspectives and inclusive overview about #Mycelium #Materials and #Products from #Fungi. Including works and developments carried out at Officina Corpuscoli and MOGU, in great company with past, present and future collaborators and friendly colleagues, such as MycoWorks, Ecovative, Neffa, Suzanne Lee, Biofabricate, Modern Meadow, Micropia, Stichting Mediamatic, Utrecht University, Fungal Futures – Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes and many more … You can read the article here. Let … Read More

L’Italia Che Va – Rai Gr Parlamento Radio – Interview

22 March 2018

On Monday, March 26, at 7.20 AM, tune in and listen to the interview to our CEO Stefano Babbini on Radiao Rai – GR Parlamento – “L’Italia Che Va…”If you’re based in Italy, find here the radio frequency in your area.Otherwise, you can listen to the online live streaming, by clicking here. And, of course, … Read More

Wear Sustain – Development Grant

15 March 2018

We are glad to announce that Mogu has been awarded a supporting grant by Wear Sustain, for further contributing developing its R&D product line and more specifically the MOGU Leather materials and products. On March 23, we will be in Berlin to kick off the new exciting set of collaborations animating such nice opportunity. Find out … Read More

Wise Society – press article

3 March 2018

Thanks to Wise Society  for the article covering ongoing developments as well as products here at Mogu. You can read more here.