We are absolutely excited about the fact that BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern (Munich), has officially unraveled and kicked off the activities of Biotopia Lab.

As soon as the situation will allow for it, make sure to visit BIOTOPIA Lab and witness first hand the incredible ceiling installation of Mogu Acoustic – Wave panels, creating full acoustic comfort as well as a stunning visual impact in both the exhibit and lab spaces.

Conceived as an interim platform offering insight into the development process of the new BIOTOPIA Museum, BIOTOPIA Lab is a dynamic exhibition space, an event platform and an experimental workshop at the interface of science, art, design and culture. And, as such, it incorporates radically disruptive products deriving from the fruitful merge of such fields, as Mogu Acoustic installed products demonstrate.

The kick off of BIOTOPIA Lab also coincides with the launch of the pop-up exhibition ‘Fungi for Future’, curated by Tanja Seiner and featuring a selection of Mogu mycelium materials and products, as well as other fantastic mycelium-related projects 🍄 Come by, take a stroll in the beautiful surroundings and make sure to visit and take part in the many programmed activities.

Images BIOTOPIA LAB 2020: © BIOTOPIA / Andreas Heddergott