Mogu floor

Mogu Floors


From agro-industrial residues to luxury living environments, Mogu Floor is a groundbreaking collection of bio-based solutions for interior design and architecture. They are available as Flex covering and Tiles. A perfect solution to support a fully circular approach within the building industry.


Floor Tiles

Floor products are designed to support the needs of everyday life. Thanks to the 87% biobased resin constituting the top aesthetic layer, Mogu Floor products are able to resist heels, scratches, abrasions just like any conventional floor.

Floor Flex

Mogu Floor FLEX is a 67% biobased alternative to standard roll-type floorings. Its revolutionary formulation is based on waste resources (from seashells to coffee grounds), it is solvent-free and recyclable.  Thanks to its aesthetics, and the possibility to customize the cutting size, it supports the design of multicolored compositions and high-end design floors.

Composition Floor



Both Mogu Floor Tiles and Mogu Floor Flex, thanks to the biobased resin constituting the product, are certified for fire retardancy. They burn very slowly, and, thanks to their class C-s1, can be applied in every public space.

As sustainability is our core value, Mogu is committed to prove that Mogu Floor products are manufactured according to the most stringent parameters of green building. Our Floor products are awarded the prestigious Blue Angel green certification and they have been tested for VOC Emissions. As tests show, our products neutrally contribute to indoor air quality, with very low VOC emissions.

fire rating

Solvent Free

VOC free

100% circular

fast and easy laying

Open spaces to revolution

The proprietary formulation of the bio-based resin utilised in Mogu Floor products is literally  bio-based, replacing traditional industrial pigments with low-value biomasses, such as corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded seaweed and clam shells.

Nature’s colours and patterns

We decided to dedicate the world of Mogu products with a fantastic colour palette to customise any kind project.
The fascinating tones of water, forests, earth and sand to design an unique colour palette. Blue, green, earth tones and warm/cold neutrals with subtle variations, calm and desaturated hues.Colours designed to support a perfect mix and match.
The paint used is a water-based, heavy-metal free bicomponent dispersion with low VOC, designed with a very low gloss to ensure a matte aesthetics and a soft touch experience.

Shapes & dimensions

Mogu Floor Tiles are designed as modular elements, allowing to create colorful compositions and aesthetically pleasant patterns, according to personal taste and creativity. They are available with a fibered or non-fibered appearance, depending on the design requirements of the specific project.

Instead Mogu Floor can be applied in continuity from floor to wall. Thanks to its flexibile design and its low thickness (1.5 or 2.0 mm), Mogu FLEX can be applied even on curved surfaces and as furniture covering.

A soft touch & matte texture complete the appealing design of Mogu Floor products.

The Mycelium

We employ a vast variety of nutrient-rich, low-value fibres from different industries (agro, textile, etc.) and we transform them through proprietary technologies based on fungal fermentation, as in a fully circular approach. The mycelium acts as reinforcement to the matrix structure, resulting in natural composite materials with excellent technical properties, for use in multiple fields and for multiple applications.⁠

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