For the 2020 Dubai Expo Mogu collaborated with V8 Architects at the Dutch Biotope pavilion a true showcase of sustainability and circularity.

Our Mogu Floor Tiles were distributed in most of the pavilion’s spaces covering the VIP lounge Area for 255 sqm, the office and prayer room with 219 sqm and for 96sqm on toilets, storage and service room’s floors. Mogu also provided Acoustic Panels divided into 700 Plain Acoustic Panels, 150 customized Acoustic Panels Ring and 450 Kite Acoustic Panels.

Discover Mogu Sample Box

Get in touch with the unique technical and sensorial properties of Mogu’s mycelium-based products, make them yours and explore them through all your senses. Ranging from foam-like, soft textures to compact, resilient surfaces, to the emotional colours, Mogu Sample Box will surprise you with the incredible opportunities that arise when employing mycelium for the transformation of residues and the creation of new value, resulting in innovative, technically feasible and honest solutions.