Growing the Future of Materials and Food

As part of MOGU R&D Business Unit, we develop and implement advanced processes that fundamentally rely on fungal fermentation, to deliver disruptive innovations to industry.

Our Biofabrication Laboratory grows the future of Materials and Food, delivering cutting edge technologies for the deployment of visionary solutions, which derive from environmentally-responsible processes rooted in advanced mycelium-based technologies, while defining entirely new categories of products and tackling multiple markets.

Thanks to our unique know how, a highly dedicated and competent team of scientists, and our best in class laboratory, we closely cooperate with leading and visionary industries to design and develop the products of tomorrow.

Our partnerships include both illustrious industrial actors as well as top level academic entities. Together, we are committed to tackle a focused array of ambitious projects - either collaborative,  privately commissioned or awarded (e.g. EC - H2020 ) - to deliver impactful societal changes and unprecedented sustainable solutions touching upon the materials and food sectors.

Mogu Advanced R&D materials include a range of responsible, cruelty-free alternatives to traditional animal-derived leather. Driven by Mogu's proprietary technology, they are biofabricated within short timeframes and with minimum environmental impact, while delivering high technical performance as well as unique haptic experiences, without compromising quality and ecological responsibility. Mogu Advanced R&D materials are suitable for fields ranging from fashion and automotive ,to furniture and interior design.

Partnering with Microbial Intelligence to Deliver Radical Innovations

Our processes and products emerge at the intersection of multiple domains, from biology and material science to design and industry at large.

Together, we closely partner with our microbial co-workers to favour the definition of novel production paradigms allowing resonance with the functioning of the larger ecosystem.