The Museum of the Future is an exhibition space for innovative and futuristic ideologies, services, and products. Located in the Financial District of Dubai, the Museum of the Future has three main elements: green hill, building, and void.

The goal of this museum is to promote technological development and innovation, especially in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

The exhibition, adopted a theme set in 2050 to explore how humanity could thrive by welcoming radical innovations and despite the impacts of global warming and climate change. It focused on the three key factors contributing to humanity’s ecological footprint and these are urbanism, agriculture and global industry.


Category // Acoustic

For the exhibition Mogu provides The Wave Acoustic Panels in three different manufacturing: fiber, velvet and raw, for highlighting its processing with waste materials.  

Our Wave Acoustic Panels are soft and ethereal wall panels that evoke the sensation of wandering through hills covered in fresh snow. The visual softness and sound-dampening properties of Mogu Wave enhance comfort, resting the mind on both visual and acoustic sensorial levels.

The panels were installed with our glue fixing system which allows an easy and permanent application, it requires a minimal amount of glue, minimal equipment and only few minutes per panel.

Size: 56×50,5×25-70cm