Today is the last day of EXPO 2020 DUBAI and, with the Dutch Pavilion closure, an important chapter and challenge closes for Mogu as well.

Expo 2020 Dubai and the Dutch Pavilion gave us the opportunity to present our unique innovations on a resonant international stage, while contributing to a globally beneficial impact spreading our urgent need to change vision, reduce our ecological footprint and show how we can use materials in other ways.

The Dutch Pavilion was in fact designed and built as a true showcase of sustainability and circularity that offers visitors a complete sensory experience of Dutch solutions to the theme of uniting water, energy and food.

For us it’s been six incredible and hard months, the Dutch Pavilion was a real challenge for our products as Dubai is an extremely humid and hot area.

At the end of this amazing experience, we can confirm again that Mogu, and all the mycelium-based products are really the materials of the future, capable of sustainably replacing the conventional materials in all kinds of environment. 

During the BIE Awards Ceremony Expo 2020 Dubai the Netherlands Pavilion also won two awards in a row:

  • BIE Gold winner for the ‘Best Architecture & Landscape’ in the self-built pavilion category at the Sustainability District.
  • UAE Innovates Award 2022 for the ‘Best Sustainability Innovation’ of creating the vertical farm.

In line with the circular economy principles all Mogu and Pavilion’s materials will be now have a new purpose or even returned to earth.

Credit video & photo: Silvia Dengo